Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another Manic Adventure

Posted by Mackenzie Crowne at 6:23 AM
Hiya Folks.

*Waving frantically from the streets of NY* 

It's February, so that must mean Toy Fair is just around the corner. This year my sissy and I are being joined by our sis in law, entering the cement jungle of Manhattan to play with next year's toys. We'll be lifting and hauling, polishing and posing, until everything shines. And while we're at it, we'll be having a bit of fun (except for Sunday-when I'll be surrounded by Giants fans while Tom and Company pick up their new superbowl bling) Pray for my safety. 

We'll be busy, but when I can, I'll let you know what we're up to. So feel free to pop back in.

Go Pats! 


So, my brother was kind enough to take my sis in law, Kim, and I to the airport. He's a worry wort, so he made sure to get us there with plenty of time. Kim and I checked our bags and headed for the gate, and Kim mentioned she had her winter coat shoved into her carry on so she wouldn't be cold when we arrived. Yikes! That was when I realized, MY winter coat was still back at my house. Of course hubby and son sleep too soundly to hear the phone. With the help of wonderful neighbors, thanks R and M, who rang the doorbell and woke hubby, I boarded the plane with coat in hand. 

The plane was full and we sat with a lovely woman on the first leg of the flight. Mike was her name. I love that! We landed in Baltimore, and as I learned on one of the many blogs I have read in past couple of months, I said goodbye after handing her a bookmark for Gift of the Realm. (marketing on vacation) I met another young woman during the layover. She was heading to Florida to see her family. Her brother is a Giants fan and has a big superbowl party every year. She's a Pat's fan, and was sneaking down to surprise them all and spoil their fun. I liked her immediately! LOL I left another bookmark with her.

Living in Phx, I haven't seen snow in a long time, but Baltimore had plenty for us. We waited for the plane taking us on to La Guardia to be de-iced and off we went. And now we've arrived safely in NYC. My family is awesome. Every time I arrive I realize how much I miss them in between visits.

Pictured here are Kim and I with cuz, John. That's Bradley in back, the little stinker. LOL

Though we are tired, South Pacific is playing on Aunties new 70 inch HD flat screen. Can't miss that. "There is nothing like a dame ..." LOL I love the classics.
So, tomorrow the gang gathers for the game. Ugh. I plan to drink heavily. LOL


Told you I was going to drink heavily. That's my wine glass, hanging out with the ingredients for "Better than sex chocolate cupcakes" YUMMM! Thank you, little cuz, Stephanie.

So, half two is about to begin. Is Belichick pulling a fast one? Come on Gronk, the Big Blue think you're out of the picture. Add to that record, baby! Go Pats! 

BTW. Watching the game with a bunch of Giant fans sucks! LOL

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