Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Romancing Your E-Reader Book Bash

Posted by Mackenzie Crowne at 2:54 PM

 Hiya folks! Did you find a new e-reader under the tree? Well, have we got a sweet deal for you.
22 Authors - 27 E-book Romances - Two Grand Prize Winners!
That's right. Two lucky winners will be filling their new toys with free romance e-books. First prize 15 titles. Second prize 12 titles. How do I win, you ask? Simple. The contributing authors have posted the blurb from their book at their websites (links below) and have asked a question about the blurb. Answer the question in a comment at each site. Each question answered is another entry toward one of the two grand prizes. And that's not all. Many of the stops along the way are offering individual prizes as well. So be sure to visit as many as you can.

Carol Henry is one of the contributing authors with 

Nominated for Best Romance Book/E-book at
Preditors & Editors
(you can go and vote here: )
You can read an excerpt here:

After the tragic loss of her child and a messy divorce, Brooke Stevens jumps at the opportunity for a fresh start as a researcher in China. But when she witnesses a murder, she becomes the killer's next target--and only a handsome American stranger stands between her and deadly peril.

Ex-military commando Jackson Taylor isn't ready to settle down and take over the family tea business, but when he learns someone is using the plantation to smuggle Chinese antiquities into America, he vows to investigate. In Shanghai, Jackson stumbles across a murder and is pulled into the danger pursuing fascinating Brooke Stevens.

Together, they uncover an intricate smuggling ring and evade kidnappers, but their growing attraction is impossible to deny. Will myths, dragons, and mystical warnings keep them apart? Or can they make a Shanghai connection?

Here’s Carol's question:
Jackson is in line to take over the family’s tea plantation, but he prefers coffee. After visiting the tea gardens in China where he runs across Brooke Stevens, he starts to rethink his preference—for tea and for Brooke.  Do you prefer coffee or tea? Or both?

Don’t forget to leave your answer in a comment, then head on off to check out the rest of the authors' blurbs and more chances to win. Good luck and happy reading. 
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THAT DATING THING by Mackenzie Crowne ~ 
HOME  by Calisa Rhose ~
MONA LISA’S ROOM by Vonnie Davis (plus a little sweet) ~
STEPPING OUT OF LINE by Linda Carroll Bradd ~
DECEPTIONS OF THE HEART by Denise Moncrief ~ ~
BE STILL MY LOVER’S HEART  by Lisa Hannah Wells ~
MURDER IN THE BUFF by Maggie Toussaint ~
THE TREASURE OF COMO BLUFF by Alison Henderson ~
SOMEWHERE MY LOVE (A ghostly time travel romance) by Beth Trissell ~
FAERIE FOOL by Silver James ~
CLEAR AS DAY by Babbett James ~
AN UNEXPECTED GIFT by Katherine Grey ~
TAKE ME HOME, COWBOY by Krista Ames (Plus 4 Anthology titles below) ~
THE DOLLHOUSE (For the Love of Christmas Anthology) by Dani-Lyn Alexander~

MAGIC OF THE LOCH by Karen Michelle Nutt ~
THE BETTER MAN by Ceri Hebert ~
CONNECT THE DOTS (For the Love of Christmas Anthology) by Jennifer Eaton ~
FADEOUT by Rolynn Anderson ~

Plus four anthologies, courtesy of Krista Ames.


Beckey said...

Do you prefer coffee or tea? Or both?
Both Coffee in the morning and herbal teas at night


Vonnie Davis said...

Coffee, for sure, Carol.

Tara said...

Coffee! Tea tastes like lightly favored water. tchevrestt(at)

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

I love coffee with a splash of hazelnut cream to start my day and for mid-day and at night, I go for Blueberry Green Tea. Love it!

I'm off to hop to the next blog. Maybe I'll see you there.

Carol Henry said...

I agree with all of you, as I'm sure Jackson would as well. Coffee in the morning for that great kick-start to the day, but tea, mostly decaf for me, but herbal for sure. Karen Blueberry Green Tea sounds lovely.

Thanks for stopping by, ladies. Good luck on your blog hop. Carol

Miss Snark said...

I love coffee. :-)

Melissa Snark
P.O. Box 1347, Pleasanton, CA 94566
twitter: @MelissaSnark

My website: Melissa Snark author site

Today on my blog: The Ten Dollar Haircut

Kathryn Merkel said...

I can't bear either coffee or tea. Only things I like to drink hot are cider or hot chocolate.

drainbamaged.gyzmo at

N.S. Ugezene said...

I prefer tea because I can drink more different types of tea than I can coffee.

Carol Henry said...

I understand not drinking either coffee or tea, Kathryn, but am always stumped when I have company, so I do keep hot cocoa available, and plenty of iced drinks.

I almost agree with you N.S. about the many differnt types of tea, but today, there are a great variety of coffees out there, as well as flavored creams to go with them. So, I'm sure Jackson and Brooke will have many conversations over this as time goes on :)

Thanks for visiting.

Mackenzie Crowne said...

Not sure why the comment didn't post, Carol, but PC said:

Tea for me! I love the smell of coffee but not the taste :(

Mackenzie Crowne said...

Here's another, Carol. Caroline Clemmons said:

Not sure where to leave my comment, Mackenzie. I'm a tea drinker only. Never learned to like coffee.

caroline@carolineclemmons (DOT) com

Carol Henry said...

Thanks for the help Mac, I love the smell of coffee too! It reminds me of mornings at my grqandmother's house when I'd stay over.

Rolynn Anderson said...

Carol, I've been drinking Starbucks coffee ever since it opened in Seattle (I even got married in the year Starbucks opened). Get this...a friend of mine back in the late 60's was one of the three founders of Starbucks, Zev Siegel. Cool, huh?. My fav. is Sumatra. Tea? Only if I'm sick...delivers the honey :-)

Anonymous said...

Coffee in the morning, and not flavored. Tea in the afternoon-- Jasmine Green Tea is a good choice.High tea is the best.

mary L

Shannon Bereza said...

Definitely coffee. Can't live without it in the morning and if I do happen to survive I'm usually a grizzly bear the rest of the day. But I do like tea in the afternoon or evening especially when I need a little warmth and comfort.

Carol Henry said...

Rolynn, too funny, the coffee house I refer to in Shanghai Connection that is located next to the ancient tea house is actually a Starbucks--couldn't believe when we were there. It really added to my story.

As for high tea, Mary, I love high tea. We made it a point to make a reservation at the Empress Hotel on Victoria, when we visited Vancouever Island a few years ago-- we weren't disappointed.

Shannon, I can't live without my morning coffee either--it's a great pick-me-up.

Thanks for sharing, ladies, it's been fun. Good luck with the contest. ~ Carol

Dani-Lyn Alexander said...

Decaf or herbal tea!